Castaway Computers, Inc donates computers to churches, schools, libraries, and other non-profit organizations.

Individuals and families that desire to receive a free computer MUST work through a non-profit organization by contacting a minister, priest, or other eccliastical leader, a school, or a non-profit agency. The non-profit MUST request the computer for the individual or family as Castaway does NOT donate computers directly to individuals or families.

Religious organizations, schools, and other non-profit agencies need to submit an application form to request computer donations. Please refer to the guidelines BEFORE requesting computers. Please remember that we only have used computers. Describe the minimum system required.

After reviewing the guidelines, download the application form, complete it and return it to Castaway either by e-mail or regular mail.

Worthiness begins with being unable afford a computer. Refer to the guidelines for additional details. If you can afford a computer, you need not appy.

The forms can be obtained by clicking one of the links on this page.

Contact us if:

Application Guidelines
Request Donation Form

Snail Mail
Castaway Computers, Inc.
P.O. Box 1653
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1653

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